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Designing the Perfect Wedding Dress: Our Bespoke Process

Our bespoke wedding dress process is a collaboration between your dream and our craftsmanship. Let's take you through the steps that transform your vision into a masterpiece.

Bespoke Wedding Dress Design

Consultation: A Cup of Inspiration

Our journey begins with a coffee consultation—an hour devoted entirely to you and your vision. Bring along your inspiration, be it a specific dress or an array of details that have captured your heart. This sacred hour is where you share the essence of your dream dress, igniting the creative flame that will illuminate the bespoke path ahead.

From Vision to Reality

Following our conversation, the magic unfolds in the design studio. I translate your dreams into three or more unique designs, accompanied by detailed descriptions and a comprehensive quote. This quote, encompassing hours, fabric costs, and design intricacies, lays the foundation for your bespoke creation.

Please note: To secure your spot, a $400 nonrefundable deposit is required.

Crafting Uniqueness

Once your deposit is received, we work on defining the final design. Your measurements become the blueprint for your unique pattern, leading to the creation of a mock dress. This process allows you to witness the initial silhouette, ensuring that fit and form align with your vision.

Bespoke Wedding Dress Design

Weaving Dreams into Reality

With your mock fitting complete, it's time to choose the fabric that will bring your dream dress to life. Guided by your vision, I present swatches and suggestions or, if you've already found 'the one,' you're welcome to Bring Your Own Fabric (BYO).

Unveiling Perfection

The moment arrives—the first look in your chosen fabric. This initial fitting is a canvas for any desired changes, ensuring that beading, lace, and applique are poised to adorn your dress perfectly. Expect 3-5 fittings (depending on your dress style), where alterations refine every detail. As we approach the final fitting, bring along your shoes, accessories, and chosen underwear for the day, allowing us to ensure the cohesion of your final look.

Collecting Your Dream Dress

The crescendo of our bespoke journey—the final fitting. Bring along three of your closest companions, and let's toast to the completion of your dream dress. Bubbles and nibbles set the scene as we unveil the masterpiece. An invoice for the remaining balance is sent, final payment secures the enchantment, and your dream dress awaits its moment of grand reveal.

Bespoke Wedding Dress Design

Sarah Stoute Bespoke is more than a label; it's a commitment to creating a dress that resonates with your soul. Your journey is unique, and so is your dress—an embodiment of your dreams, a symphony of meticulous craftsmanship, and a celebration of your individuality.

Together, we'll make magic!


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