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Decoding Elegance: A Step-by-Step Veil Selection Guide

Scattered Pearl Veil on a beautiful model

I believe there are no rules when deciding on the perfect veil for your gown, and in a similar way to buying your perfect go

wn, sometimes there isn’t just one that catches your eye. In life your wedding day is the only time you will probably wear a veil, so why not??

I have been working with brides for over 6 years and making veils to suit a variety of dresses. When working with each bride we go through a few questions before coming up with the best veil for her day.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to select the perfect veil for your gown. So, let us start with a few questions we need to answer to get the ball rolling!

1. What does a veil mean to you?

Is it just an extra wedding accessory? Is it a nod to tradition or religion? Is it important to show off your personal style?

Even if your veil is just there as a wedding accessory, choosing the perfect one is so important. I would say it is as important as selecting the right shape bouquet or wedding jewelry as it makes up the final bridal look you always dreamed of. If you are leaning towards tradition perhaps a two-tier veil that can cover your face, or a Chantilly lace edge veil that reflects the garden you are getting married in. Or perhaps you want something that shows off your personal style like the ombre pearl veil or the frill-edged two-tier veil. There are so many options (much like dresses) so picking one that shows your style is all part of the wedding fun

2. When do you want to wear your veil?

I think that this is an important question to ask as this will make a distinct line in the sand as to what veils will suit you. Some brides have the intention of only wearing their veil for the ceremony and some photos. This is absolutely fine, as they can be a bit annoying to have attached for the entire time. For the brides that only want to wear them down the aisle, the ceremony, some photos and the cake cutting I would say the world is your oyster. Any and all veils are perfect for this. Because you are wearing it for these set times, you don't have to think if you will need to dance in it or where it will be while walking through the set tables to your chair. The veil can be anything you like!

If you are a bride that wants to be able to wear it all day let’s, think practical! Something to the length of your dress or shorter, and something that isn’t too heavy. Examples that work so well are an edged 35-inch veil, simple veils with no details or even veils with some pearl details. This is a great opportunity to make it your own and really show off this piece like a fascinator.

Some brides even like to have a more intricate veil for the ceremony, and something a bit more fun for later. What kind of bride are you?

3. How do you want to wear your hair?

For heavier veils having your hair down is a recipe for a few issues or a lot of hair spray. My recommendation would be to go with an up style or half up if you want to wear a veil with a little more detail or a lot of tulle. The comb on the veil needs to attach to something, so having your hair in an up style allows for the veil to attach to the bun and not slide out. Although all of my veils come with bobby pin loops to be attached by your hairdresser, I would recommend a little more grip for my embroidery applique veils or the scattered pearl veil.

If you do want your hair down in a glamour wave or delicate curls, the lighter veils are the way to go. The single-tier veil or short pearl veils make sure that they are secure and comfortable without having to pull on your hair. I would also recommend taking the veil to your hairstylist to check that it sits comfortably before your day, so you know you will feel at ease.

Model wearing Primrose dress and Single tier veil
4. What veil suits your dress?

Obviously, any veil can go with almost any dress, but there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your veil to make sure that it will complement your dress in the best way. If you have a more simple dress this is a great opportunity to really wow with an intricately detailed veil! This can be a heavy amount of embroidery applique or some delicate embroidery details spotted around the veil. In the same breath, you can also choose something super simple. Make your flowers do the talking and allow the flowing nature of your veil to highlight your makeup and hair. If you have a heavily beaded or embroidered dress, I would recommend going with something a little plainer. Something that will not fight for the limelight and rather compliment your gown choice.

The length of your veil is a personal choice and should always be considered after you have bought your dress. Make sure that the two lengths complement each other. I offer a veil fitting where you can try on your veil with your dress and we can alter it according to your train length. This makes sure that those gorgeous photos of you walking down the aisle are everything you always wanted to see.

Another important thing to remember when pairing your dress with your veil is the width of your veil. If you have a wide A-line dress you need to select a veil that is going to be wider than your dress. Anything not as wide will look like an afterthought. The full-width veil size is best for this when selecting your veil width. In turn, if your dress is slimmer and more fitted like a trumpet shape or bias cut, the half width works perfectly to silhouette your veil against your dress cut.

5. What about colour?

Yes, I said colour! The latest trend is all about adding a little colour to your veil. This can be in the form of sequins, beads, lace, or even the colour of the tulle. I don't have any on offer, but if you are a bride who wants something bespoke and completely alternative, get in touch!

But on a more serious note, it is so important to think about the shade of the veil and the applique that is on the veil. There are (surprisingly) a lot of shades of white and this can mean that when the veil is held against your dress, the whites doesn't match. Take your time to make sure that they match and look like a cohesive set. Again, this is a great opportunity to book a time to get your veil fitted if you are concerned about the details being the wrong shade of white.

Scattered Pearl Veil on beautiful model

In conclusion, there are so many veils and it comes down to your personal choice. Veils are a great opportunity to take your regular white dress and make you feel like the bride you always wanted to. Why do you think on Say Yes to The Dress they always add a veil to bring the tears? The proof is in the pudding!

Have a look at my veils and see if there is one that will perfectly suit your dress.

I would love to know some questions you asked yourself to find the perfect veil, so comment below! And if you have any more questions that I didn't list, feel free to ask. I would love to make sure you have the perfect veil to compliment your unique style!

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